Getting Creative

“Two heads are better than one”   We’ve heard the quote and its relative “two minds are better than one”.   In today’s web 2.o- social media world, sharing is encouraged and collaboration cheered, but copyright issues can still arise.  What if someone tries to make money off of your freely shared creation?  What if they change it with ideas you don’t like?

 Enter Creative Commons, a site that allows folks to get creative and share their works, with their chosen rights retained.  As more educators hear of Creative Commons — and face copyright questions with online media– a little introduction might be in order.   A helpful slideshow-podcast “Creative Commons:What Every Educator Needs to Know”, licensed of course under Creative Commons, can be found at .  This gives an overview of media copyright and sharing issues, tells about Creative Commons, and the various rights choices available.  The Creative Commons webiste is

While we are on the subject of working with media, remember there are many editable titles available in Discovery Streaming for use by subscribers.  Video editing software such as Movie Maker from Microsoft, Premiere Elements from Adobe, VirtualDub- an open source software- can be used for this task.

 So, explore a little and get creative in your lessons!


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