Hands On Digital with Patti Duncan at DEN SCIcon 2010

Patti Duncan is a DEN STAR, a Discovery Trainer, and a global presenter. Even more importantly, she has been a science teacher for years. The wealth of knowledge she brings to this presentation combines technology and teaching experience.

Patti’s resources and links for this presentation are shared here.
Today’s presentation archives and resources will be available soon here.

Hands-on learning is not the way of the future; it is the way of now and the workplace. Technology is engaging; it holds interest. Digital v. text provides “equipment” that a science classroom does not always have because of cost ineffectiveness. As a science teacher, Patti understands that students need to see the concept visually. Patti’s formula for digital is simple: DIGITAL + HANDS ON = EFFECTIVE LEARNING ENVIRONMENT.

Patti says we all know that when we do hands on, there will always be some issues in a science classroom. A digital virtual lab activity as follow up lets students SEE what they learned. And they complete the learning twice. You pair the concrete hand on with the virtual experience so that the students can fully participate in the learning process.

And sometimes you simply cannot fill a classroom with organisms or biological samples, so the digital environment works effectively to bring something to learning that might otherwise be missed. Combining hands on and virtual labs give students a fuller learning experience. Virtual can precede hands on; it all depends on the learning activity. Combining both approaches challenges students to replicate what they learn on the computer. If you are a science teacher, you will want to visit this archived presentation, because Patti thoroughly believes, based on her experience, that digital and tactile is what every student needs.

Patti has provided a WEALTH of actual hands on and digital science class lessons. If you check the image to the left, you will find additional resources. Don’t forget to check the Google Docs for resources from the day.

I’m actually not able to stay for the rest of the day’s SCIcon, so this will end my blogging today. I will, however, watch the archives to glean the PM sessions and post to you about them, once they are available.

A special thanks to Discovery and all the Leadership Councils who have made today’s event a combination of hands on and digital.


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