Wisconsin DEN SciCon


What do you do on a cold winter day in Wisconsin, with temperatures nearing 10 degrees below zero?  You stay inside your warm cozy school and participate in the DEN SCIcon 2010 Virtual Conference.

On Saturday, January 9, Verona Area School District was the place to be to participate in the DEN SCIcon Virtual Conference.  Wisconsin Leadership Council members Deb Donley and Rita Mortenson organized an event to promote STEM (Science,Technology, Engineering and Math) within their school district.

Teachers were able to participate in the following sessions:

Changing the Present, Change the Future
No Paper Left Behind:  A New Age of Science Instruction
Hands-On Digital
Polar Bears in a Changing Climate
Where Do Old Sneakers Go to Die? Read-World Science
Teaching Process Skills with Mythbusters
Do Try This At Home:  Fun and Easy Science Experiments for Your Students

Not only were the sessions informative and fun, but the onsite virtual event held at Verona Area High School really allowed teachers to share ideas and discuss ways in which they have been promoting STEM in their classrooms.  Thanks Discovery Education for offering another great FREE professional development opportunity!

Above is a photo of the few teachers from the workshop.  (Deb Donley, Hope Mikkelson, Teresa Voss, and Rita Mortenson)


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