YOU Can Change the World!!

The Siemens Foundation, Discovery Education, and the National Science Teachers Association invite you to join the only challenge of its kind.Put into action the words and examples of people like Julene Reed and Jane Goodal, empower your students to create solutions to environmental problems in their communities. Apply true Challenge Based Learning and make a difference.

Today we heard from last year’s winning team, Team Dead Weight. Hector Ibarra of West Branch, Iowa and his three students set out to communicate the dangers of lead wheel weights. Justin Roth, a seventh grader, spoke live about the project. The educators on line were amazed but several facts.

1.) Justin is only in seventh grade

2.) Justin was speaking live, not a rehearsed and recorded speech.

3.) The amount of knowledge and enthusiasm Justin displayed for this project.

Way to go Justin!! As Hector said, persistence is the biggest key to success.

Are you and your students up for the challenge? Make a difference in your community. Spread the word.

And, don’t forget about the additional Discovery Education Challenge.

  1. Any STAR Discovery Educator who enters the Siemens We Can Change the World Challenge by January 31, 2010 will have his/her name put into a drawing to win a trip to the NSTA National Conference in Philadelphia, PA (March 18-21, 2010). Airfare, hotel and conference registration will be covered by the DEN. You must be a STAR Discovery Educator and you must let us know that you and your students have entered the We Can Change the World Challenge by completing this form.
  2. The state (where there is a DEN Leadership Council) with the highest number of entries to the Siemens We Can Change the World Challenge will earn a Day of Discovery in conunction with the DEN’s Spring Virtual Conference. The day will be planned, managed and executed by the DEN team giving the state LC a break. Hall Davidson, Steve Dembo and other members of the DEN team will be there in person to present.

So, ready to learn more and get started? Discovery has a whole series of webinars to help you. Just visit:

Good luck, have fun, and change the world with your students!


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