DEN SciCon judged a "success" by all! See the photos

Oh yes, we were all an engaged classroom at each of the four AZ f2f sites. Adding Ann Lumm’s glogster poster from Cartwright’s session and some photos (click to enlarge)taken by Deena Jorgenson @ Snowflake’s session. I’d like to see some comments here from AZ participants who participated at home or in one of our hosted sessions.

OK – here’s a request for user tips as to how to adjust embedded glogster size. I did edit the height and width in the code, but…   here is Ann’s link


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  1. Tim said:

    DEN SciCon 2010 was an enjoyable and educational event. It was great spending the day with so many dedicated educators!

  2. Diane Scott said:

    I had originally planned to attend the webinar from home, but I decided to attend the Cartwright session in person instead. I was so glad to have the opportunity to learn with others, and not have the distractions and interruptions I would have had at home! Thanks!

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