FETC PreCon – Vote for your favorite video!

Yesterday, the DEN hosted a full day pre-conference event at Sea World.  The day kicked off with a phenomenal presentation by Scott Kinney about the past and future of textbooks.  Don’t worry if you missed it though, he’s going to be our featured speaker in the EdTechConnect series on May 17th.

The day continued with a workshop presented by Lodge McCammon.  Don’t know Lodge?  You need to!  He’s an incredible songwriter and you’ll be able to find his music soon within DE streaming.  He led the group in the creation of a music video based on… proportions.   Sound crazy?  Just watch the videos below.

There’s just one problem.  The group was divided in two, so we have two final projects.  We took a vote to determine which was the best one, and it might surprise you to find out that the voting was split right down the middle, 50/50 (ok, maybe that wouldn’t surprise you).

SO we need your help!  Watch both videos below, and then cast your vote.  Let us know which one was your favorite.  The winners will receive fame, fortune and everything that goes along with it.

And if you like what you see, don’t worry, you’ll have your chance to give it a try soon.

Green Group:

Red Group:


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  1. TechyNana said:

    LOVED your videos and all your hard work. Isn’t working with Lodge a fun experience?

  2. dawn birchenough said:

    Green since my peeps are in it with me, lol soooo much fun was had on this day!

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