Google Earth KLM File For Haiti Earthquake

From the Google Earth Blog (via dougpete on Twitter) –

“Google has been working with GeoEye over the last 24 hours to get fresh imagery from Haiti to help aid relief efforts. They’ve just released a KML file for it, which you’re encouraged to download. The file is actually a network link, so Google can push additional imagery to you without having to release another KML. The imagery is remarkably sharp, and shows some amazing scenes such a a soccer field turned into a make-shift camp and smoke continuing to billow out of some buildings. Google has done similar things in the past, with events such as the Myanmar Cyclone or Hurricane Katrina.

In addition to the KML file, Google has set up a crisis response page for the earthquake with lots of information. Specifically, those that are able are encouraged to give donations to help rebuild lives and communities.”




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