Meeting a Hero

Last year at this time we all marveled and rejoiced as we watched the miracle of Captain “Sulley” Sullenberg landing a disabled US Airways jet on the Hudson River.  The plane stayed intact and all passengers and crew survived!  This year courtesy of the DEN, Donna Criswell, the Chair of the Massachusetts Leadership Council, attended the NYC premiere of “Brace for Impact,” the docu-drama depicting this event.  Donna met not only the pilot and his wife but also several of the passengers on the flight.  One of the passengers, a Massachusetts teacher, called in sick that day to take a winter golfing break with his friends and relatives, the Chicopee 6.  Needless to say his subterfuge was “outed” in a big way by newscasts and newspaper reports around the country.  In her own words, Donna describes the event.

I was one of the few fortunate DEN LC members who was able to attend the world premiere documentary titled “Brace For Impact”, depicting the unbelievable plane ‘landing’ on the Hudson River one year ago.  This show aired publicly on January 10th on the TLC channel.   There were slightly more than 200 people total at this event, which was held at the Walter Reade Theater at the Lincoln Center in New York City.   Captain “Sulley” Sullenberger, his wife, several of the passengers (including the “Chicopee 6″), the crew that rescued them and the air traffic controller attended.  The President of TLC, the Executive Producer, and many other TLC biggies were in attendance.  There was an amazing reception preceding the event with tons of press, followed by the showing of the movie, then another reception in the Penthouse (yikes!).  We talked to all of these amazing people at length.. It was a humbling experience to be among some very brave, WELL EDUCATED and WELL PREPARED professionals.. It was indeed a Miracle on the Hudson that cold day in January!”


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