New Diigo Group for TN DEN Members

I have been using Diigo as my preferred social bookmarking tool for some time now.  You can see my links here.  It appears that many DEN members also use this site to keep track of websites they find interesting or even indispensable.

There is a national DEN Group that was started by Jennifer Dorman, and I have been posting to that for a long time.  I have it set up to send daily updates to my email address, and nearly every day it brings me something I want to look at in more depth.  Some of the sites would work for me in Tennessee, and others won’t.

Enter Clif Mims and the TN DEN Leadership Council.

Clif has just created a group of TN DEN members on Diigo.  You can see the growing number of links here.  We encourage all our TN DEN members to join this group and help us put together a fantastic list of sites relevant to TN Education.

A weekly synopsis of the links bookmarked to this group will begin appearing on this blog beginning this Sunday.  We would love to see your name in lights as one of the awesome teachers of Tennessee that is working to better education for all of us.  Join us today!


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