Be a Rock Star at MSET!

Steve Dembo in the past has written about becoming a rock star whether it is your own blog or presenting at conferences. I actually heard talk about at the DEN’s National Institute a couple years ago and the whole topic interested me. Not so much the rock star part, but the idea of sharing what you know with others. So that same year I took the risk and proposed to present at Powering Up with Technology and then MICCA.


Then whole process made me nervous. I worried about my proposals being rejected, but when they were accepted I worried about making a fool of myself. Countless hours were spent creating and re-creating the presentations while fighting off that nauseous feeling. I always get that feeling when presenting in front of adults and can’t say it has gotten any better with more experience. So why would I share the dark side of presenting if I am trying to encourage you to submit a proposal to this year’s MSET? The payoff is so worth it!


After my adventure into presenting, I finally understood Dembo’s rock star effect. It is this amazing, natural high you get from having a successful presentation. You feel good when that first person arrives for your session and even better when the session is so full the doors get closed. It is great when you share an idea or tool and you someone’s eyes light up. My favorite part is at the end when you have attendees approach you with that immediate feedback and questions. I love to get the emails the days after the session because it means that your ideas might be used in someone else’s classroom!


So come on! Take a chance! Your students probably already know how great you are in the classroom and now it is time for others to know it too! The proposal process for this years MSET (formerly MICCA) conference is a simple one. If being a rock star is not enough incentive, then consider that presenters get free registration ($150 value). You only have until February 5th to submit your proposal for a concurrent session or poster session. I hope to see you there!


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