WOW #11: The Cow Says "Moo" & More with BLABBERIZE!

Web Tool of the Week #11:


What better way to get your students’ attention then with a web tool that’s silly & seemingly pointless?  That’s what is all about.  And I love it.


Upload photos or images of people, places, or everyone’s favorite…cute animals!  Trace around the mouth on the photo, then record your voice.  Imagine telling your students about an assignment dealing with animals straight from the horse’s mouth (literally).  Or your students sharing information about Shakespeare, a tornado, FDR, or anything else they might be studying, using the subject’s image and persona? is so easy, so fun, and so engaging, that I dare you NOT to try it!  You don’t even have to create an account (although it is free), you can just use the site as a “guest”.  Once you create a character, you can view it on, share it in an email or embed it on a webpage (like your OnCourse webpage…)


On the surface, there may not seem like any real practical value whatsoever to Blabberize, but I think it’s a great tool to hook your students at the start of a lesson or to let them have a little fun with an assignment.  Besides, any website that has a talking Llama for a mascot is all right in my book.


Here’s an quick example.  Check it out.  Go ahead, do it! 




Happy Blabbing 🙂


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