And I Ran, I Ran So Far Away. I Just Ran, I Ran Across NJ

OK.  I hope anyone who grew up in the ’80’s  got the reference I was making with the title of this post 🙂


Read Across New Jersey (RANJ)

A project of the

Center for Mathematics, Science and Computer Education

Rutgers University


Take your students ‘Across New Jersey’ to celebrate a love of reading!

Virtually travel across the state for this special Read Across New Jersey free videoconferencing event sponsored by the Center for Mathematics, Science and Computer Education. Via room videoconferencing or desktop videoconferencing connect your class with a class from a different school in the state to share a reading activity.


How to Participate:

This activity is open to all K-8th grade classrooms in schools that have access to an internet connected computer with a webcam or room videoconferencing system.  If you are unsure whether or not you have access to this type of equipment, check with your school’s technology coordinator. 


Your class will be matched with a class in New Jersey to share reading activities.  Classroom to classroom connections will take place during the week of March 15-19, 2010.  Each connection is scheduled for approximately an hour: 15 minutes for testing equipment and introductions; 30 minutes for the reading activity, 15 minutes for exchanging information about the school and its community.


Activities can range from reading a favorite book passage to a “battle of the books”.  Other ideas include skits, plays, raps, songs, game shows, student created books, book talks.


For more information go to and follow the links to Read Across New Jersey. 


Activity Timeline:

January 25, 2010           Registration Opens

February 10, 2010          Registration Deadline

February 16, 2010          Registrants are emailed information about their partner class

February  18, 2010         Elluminate Session for Attendees (webinar)  3:30 PM

February 17-26, 2010     Testing between sites

Feb 26-Mar 10, 2010      Teacher and student planning and preparation

March 15-19, 2010         Read Across New Jersey videoconferences

March 21-26, 2010         Complete online evaluation


How to Register for Read Across New Jersey:

Register online at:



Judy Bornstein, 732-445-0670


Harriet Schweitzer, 732-445-0669

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