Michigan DEN Members and the MACUL Conference

Stand up and be recgonized those Michigan DEN members who are presenting at this year’s MACUL conference! Yea, cheer, whoot, clap, clap!

Please let the DEN community know if you are presenting, what the title is, and when you are presenting. We want to be able to go and support our great educators out there.


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  1. Melissa White said:

    I am doing 2 precons on Wednesday. I will be doing an elem session in the morning and a 7-12 presentation in the afternoon. Vendors will be donating their equipment for the day for me to have a “Smart” classroom with a variety of equipment for teachers to play with. I will have lessons to go along with the equipment. So will of course show Discovery Streaming!
    I will be doing another session called Differentiated Instruction using a Course Management System. So I will be talking about how teachers can use multimedia, popdcacts, different ways for assessment using BB or Moodle.
    Lastly, I will be doing a session on our 21 Things for 21st Century Educators.

  2. Emma Haygood said:

    Friday 10-11 Technology-Infused Project-Based Learning with fellow STAR Kimber Sotnyk.

  3. Emma Haygood said:

    Are we going to have a DEN dinner at the Amway this year during MACUL?

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