TCEA and the DEN

UPDATE  2-7-10

The survey results show Wednesday and Thursday noon in a tie for first place as choice for our tweetup meetup eatup.  So I am making an “executive decision” and saying that we will have our DEN fellowship on Thursday at 12. For those meeting in person, we will gather at the convention center exhibits main entrance at that time and decide on where to eat from there.  For those meeting by tweeting, find yoda_1 on twitter for updates from TCEA, DEN Event, meetup on Thursday and more.


TCEA is coming soon and besides the pre-con event, a Discovery and DEN presence will be felt at the main conference.  A couple of events to be aware of:

 First, DEN Stars, stop by the DE booth to pick up your lapel pin. Show off your status!  Also watch for news and signs announcing DEN Stars and members who are presenting sessions at the conference.

 Second, we would like to meetup/tweetup at the conference (dutch treat on food and drink).  For a eating meeting, go to and register your choice for the time.  Also,  remember to Tweet all along about what you are learning from the great sessions.

Catch the DEN wave at TCEA! 


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  1. Betsy Ruffin said:

    Update Update Update Update

    So far survey results have the two lunchtime choices running in a tie for first.

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