Animal Web Cams

How do you catch a glimpse of the fastest creature on earth?  Go online!  “Raptors in the City” is a real-time, inquiry-based science and technology program that stars the peregrine falcon.” Falcon nesting season starts at the end of February.

I received the above message in my email today and it reminded me that I had been wanting to write about Animal Web Cams. For the last few years, one of my favorite sites to share with primary grade teachers is the National Zoo Web Cams. The Panda Cams are a family favorite. For other grades, these cams are great for introducing topics such as endangered animals and animal habitats, as well as motivating students to research further.

Here are some links to other animal web cams: Videos and Web Cams from the San Diego Zoo, Animal WebCam Locators, and exZOOberance.

Discovery Education Streaming and Science has many videos and other media on animals. DE Science for Middle Schools has The Jeff Corwin Experience in the Featured Video Series under the Teacher Center link.

Discovery Channel has entertaining animal games at Games Central such as Animal Arcade: Swim for Your Life (the player helps the salmon get upstream) and Sharkrunners (goal is for player to collect data on sharks).


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