Calling K-8 Teachers & Students to Change Communities

Siemens Participating teachers and students can assist in helping “Planet Earth” Go GreenSiemens “We Can Change the World Challenge is open for registration through March 15, 2010.  The challenge is for students to create solutions for resolving environmental issues by starting with their own community.  Participants can choose their appropriate grade level by selecting one of the options available on the Siemens site.  Grade levels are broken down as:

  1. K-2
  2. 3-5
  3. 6-8

Upon selecting the appropriate grade level participants will find student resources, step-by-step challenge process guidance, and an interactive classroom.  The Siemens Challenge is designed using an inquiry based project that has students identify, research, and communicate their resolution with other participants.  Students and Teachers will be competing for $100, 000 in grants and prizes.  There is even an chance for them to appear on television as well as the Jumbotron in Times Square of New York City before presenting their project to the United Nations.

To sign-up and participate visit Siemens We Can Change The World.


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