"Brace for Impact…"

On January 15, 2009, US Air Captain Chelsey Sullenberger’s famous call to “brace for impact” that he made to the passengers before landing the crippled Airbus A320 in Hudson River made him an instant hero. He intentionally landed the plane near operating boats to increase their chance of rescue. All 155 passengers survived. However “his story is not about heroism; rather, it’s about being the best we can be – no matter what we do.”

Do you feel now as teachers and administrators, we all must “brace for impact.”  Do you feel that you’ll be in the same position as Captain Sully? We are challenged each and every day whether it’s from the “No Child Left Behind” policy, induction of “Race To The Top”, or the NC State Board of Education Mission: Future Ready Students-Goals for the 21st Century”  to carefully land our plane safely in order for our students to survive the 21st Century. 

This year all stakeholders in the NC education process will be evaluated by these new standards. Are you ready for the challenge?


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