"Managing Life" and Educon 2.2

I was extremely disappointed that I didn’t get to make the trek out to Philly this past weekend for Educon2.2. I missed out on the conversations & connections face to face, but was able to catch a few sessions virtually. One of the sessions I attended was called Managing Life and Personal Learning Environments in the 21st Century. I was especially looking forward to this session because four of my very good friends were facilitating it; fellow PA LC member Tracey McGrath, along with fellow Keystone Technology Integrators Lori Sheldon, Scott Snyder, and Brandon Lutz. The session was absolutely phenomenal. The conversations taking place were awesome. I can’t even think of another word to use. And although I wasn’t physically in the room, (and the streaming for this particular session was shaky) I was still in awe at the discussion, ideas and thoughts that were put out there. The facilitators would pose a question, and each table would discuss it for a while and then the whole group shared their thoughts. Being able to share experiences and tools that help with the challenge of managing new technologies and life was enjoyable and worthwhile to hear.  The conversation went visual through use of Wallwisher, which is an excellent Web2.0 application that allows for communication and collaboration itself. It provided a great visual for the participants in the room, and for those attending virtually. (It came in handy when the streaming audio was shaky!)  Here are the questions for discussion from the session… Check them out, and add to each Wallwisher yourself! And, if you’d like, view the CoverItLive here.

This was certainly a session that many people can relate to.  It was nice to see that everyone most people have difficulty at times managing life, technology, work, etc. Sharing strategies, suggestions, stories, and techniques to help overcome this challenge was refreshing. I have never seen a hour and a half fly by so quickly…and I could tell participants in the room felt the same way. The conversation definitely could have continued! As stated during the session, “The balance that we are currently learning is something that we can model.” This is a great thought, because it can be modeled for both students and colleqgues…and possibly carried on like a chain reaction.


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