Go for the Gold

The Olympics are right around the corner and before we know it, will be gone.  About 8 years ago, when I was a classroom teacher, we celebrated the Olympic games.  Students could earn a medal based on how many pages they read, the number of math facts they completed, and a few other academic challenges.  The kids had fun, we kept a medal count, and talked about what events we might have watched the night before.  The online coverage of the Olympics wasn’t nearly that of today’s coverage.  We will be bombarded with coverage online and off.  Much of what we watch will probably be online.We have a great opportunity again to enrich our students with a current event that is pretty special.  The coverage will be everywhere.  We might as well take advantage and go for the gold!  If you need resources to learn about the Olympic games, check out this blog post by Larry Ferlazzo.


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