How many of you out there are like me in that we can not decide what areas to pursue or college to attend in earning a Master’s Degree?  Well, your answer has arrived- participate in Discovery Education & Wilkes University’s Master of Science Degree in Instructional Media.


As we look down the road to education, all of us will need to learn to communicate in a myriad of ways; whether it is face-to-face or virtually, via streaming video or even digital storytelling for starters.  These methods are just part of the tools, concepts, and pedagogy educators are offered to thrive in the world of 21st century learning.  The folks responsible for engaging you consist of:

  • Lance Rougeux
  • Steve Dembo
  • Jennifer Dorman
  • Kathy Schrock
  • Joe Brennan
  • Grace Smith
  • Stephanie Throne
  • Matthew Cwalina
  • Scott Garrigan
  • FrankGuttler
  • Luke Lyons

So what are you waiting for?  Checkout the website for further details including class offerings, registration deadlines, informational webinars, program news and more.  Follow them on Twitter as wuInstMedia


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