When does envy turn to something darker?

How about when a small part of our staff PD day is held in my room and the staff sees all the new Smart Technology tools I am trying out and evaluating for the district? Included; Large wall mounted Smartboard with boom-mounted LCD projector, wireless tablet (Airliner),  Smart’s document camera, wall mounted speakers, class set (35) of Smart’s student interactive response “clickers”. Boy am I in haven or what!

Boy did I get some dirty looks when I told them where it came from.

Well…not really. The staff was petty impressed and  asked when they can sign up to come in with their class. I think a few were even overwhelmed by the sheer number of devices and what I could do with them. I have just scratched the surface with my class.

One way that I am using their Smart Notebook software and the board is during our writing block. Instead of writing in my journal and showing it with our document camera onto the screen I can write on the IAWB (interactive white board) and save each page/draft/idea/quick write on the Notebook software and model the writing process. Of course the kids love to come up and “write” their own thoughts on the board as well.

I hope the district buys the set and we have it for next year.


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