Going Rouge…No, Going Digital.

This seemed to be one of the common themes presented at FETC this year. The DEN Day of Discovery at Sea World started with Scott Kinney’s presentation, which included the You-Tube video – Joe’s Non-Netbook. This video shows how disconnected our students are with their classroom texts.

Discovery’s very own Hall Davidson presented an eye opening key note (and not only because it took place at 7:45 am) on January 14, 2010 named Deep, Deep Dive Inside Digital: It’s Wild In there. (presentation can be downloaded at: http://www.discoveryedspeakersbureau.com/node/119) Hall’s presentation, along with the follow up discussion with Dr. Mark Edwards, Superintendant Mooresville Graded District in North Carolina and Dr. Gerald (Jerry) McLeish, Director of Secondary Curriculum Mapping, Indianapolis Public Schools, was eye opening and made me think – are my students really that disconnected with their textbooks and are we as teachers ready for the change that is about to come?States are finally changing laws about textbook adoptions – Oregon recently adopted Discovery Education in their Science Classrooms, (check out http://www.discoveryeducation.com/oregon/) and Florida is up for Science Textbook adoption this year.

But is Florida ready? Can we afford not to be ready?

Tracie Belt, a fellow DEN STAR and Florida LC, and I decided to try it out. At FETC we decided to try “going digital” for the remainder of the school year. Could we really give up our textbooks while covering our curriculum? We were about to find out.  I am a 7th grade science teacher (teaching at a public school) with a new curriculum that was written to the Next Generation State Standards but doesn’t match up to my current textbook. In order to teach the standards as outlined in my curriculum, I need a class set of three different textbooks – 6th, 7th and 8th grade texts at least until the new textbooks are adopted that match to the new standards. And sending home 3 different science texts with all of my students just won’t work, so going digital for the rest of the year shouldn’t be that hard right? Well…stay tuned to find out, until then, check out the links above.

Are you ready to go digital?


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  1. Cheryl Watford said:

    Hello Bekka, I can not wait to hear more about the adventures you and the other ‘pact’ members experience by going totally digital! Make sure you share!

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