Web 2.0 and Book Reviews

Would you like a different way for students to demonstrate an understanding of a novel they are reading? Try using Blabberize or GoAnimate

With Blabberize, students can draw a picture of a character in the novel, upload it to Blabberize and then use their voice talking as that character.  Once the picture is uploaded, students can use the editing features to make the mouth open and move as the student is talking.

GoAnimate has features that allow students to create their own animated cartoon.  Choosing various characters and scenes, students can make their characters talk using their own voice, move, and have dialogue of speech bubbles with other characters.  Background music can be added as well.  All animations can be embedded into wikis, blogs, or websites.  Students could reenact a scene of the novel they are reading using this site.  A teacher can create one account and have all students under that account or individual student accounts can be made (if the student has an email address to register).


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