YouTube Goes Disco



Are you a Pandora user? I am an early adopter of this Internet music service and even as they have gone through their growing pains, royalty fights, and now their drop in ads and 40 hours per month free / premium model, I continue to be a big fan. If you are not familiar, Pandora is a an Internet radio service, with a twist. You sign up for and account and enter an artist’s name. Pandora uses it music genome technology to build a radio stream based on that artist or artists that are similar. You can make several radio stations, you can mix radio stations so that if you were in the mood for The Beatles mixed with Metallica and Lady Gaga you would have a radio station that played that mix of those artists and others like them. Pandora has has grown so that you can get the app on a mobile device (think Pandora on a Blackberry streaming to your phone while you run or work out) and the Internet capable Sony Blu-ray player that arrived for Christmas has a connection to Pandora so it streams my radio stations into the home entertainment system.

It looks like YouTube is heading this way as well. The host of the great net@night podcast, Amber MacArthur dropped this link – into last weeks episode.  If you like to consume your music as music videos, it looks like YouTube now has a service that does for music videos what Pandora did for Internet radio. You put in an artist name and YouTube builds a play list of music videos of that artist and similar artists. If you are signed in to your YouTube account you can save the playlist and there are links to buy the music. Like Pandora you get a short commercial dropped in every couple of songs (much more frequently than Pandora it seems).

And what does this service have to do with this blog site? Well, the “disco” in the link refers to what YouTube is calling it – the  Music Discovery Project. We should feel right at home there.


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