TCEA Pre-Conference Stream

One more day until the Bob Bullock State History Museum is taken-over by the DEN! It’s going to be wet and cold here in Austin, but there will be the warmth of sharing and fun within the walls of the museum.

We are glad that so many people have decided to register and attend this event in Austin. But many DEN teachers just couldn’t get away or make it to Austin. So, we are opening our doors, or more precisely- laptop camera, to those who wish to participate from their remote locations. We will be broadcasting much of the day on Ustream. There is nothing to register for and you can watch for free!

Live video chat by Ustream
Join us online and watch the 2010 TCEA DEN PreCon at:

Keep watching this blog for more information. We hope to share our day online later with a few webinar reviews.


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  1. aunttammie said:

    Thanks so much for doing this! My budget just wouldn’t allow me to go this year, but how wonderful to share a bit of the conference.

  2. Joy Poole said:

    Very cool conference! I am re-inspired! Thanks for a great day! 🙂

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