Beyond the Textbook in Texas: TCEA Pre-Conference Day of Discovery


It may be snowing in the east, but the STARs are shining bright in TX today.  Discovery Education and the Texas DEN Leadership Council proudly hosted Beyond the Textbook: A TCEA Pre-Conference Day of Discovery at the Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum.  160 educators from all over the state came together to learn new ways to engage students with the infusion of digital media into their curriculum including:

Trees to Bits: A National Perspective

STEM-ulating Math and Science

Oh the Humanities!

Can I Help You With That?:  The Student as Creator, Collaborator, Director

On behalf of the Discovery Education team and the Texas DEN Leadership Council, thank you for joining us and for sharing your feedback with us!  To support you after you return home, and to make sure that the ideas shared reach those who were not able to join us, we will be holding a TCEA Post-Conference webinar where we will revisit the highlights of the day and pass along all of the pre-conference materials.  You can join us by registering with the link provided below:

You can also revisit each of the sessions by viewing the recordings.  Thanks again to Elaine Plybon for streaming/recording them for us!!  If you have not had a chance to share you thoughts about the day with us, please click here to do so.


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  1. Karen Locke said:

    Great Day. I think my favorite session was the “Can I help…” Even in a Middle School I think we could use the “jobs wheel”.
    Thanks for a great day-my brain is full for today.

  2. Kelli Erwin said:

    Discovery has done it again. Another great DOD event was held yesterday to kick us all into gear for great learning this week. Thanks to all for always providing new information and ideas. Where would we be without the DEN???

  3. Shelley Nathan May said:

    Thank you for another excellent day of training. I really liked the ideas I got in STEM-ulating Math and Science. You always have such outstanding professional development and I appreciate all you do for us.

  4. Cary Harrod said:

    I couldn’t attend this event but I’m excited to see these types of conversations happening around the world. As someone who found textbooks boring and irrelevant, I am excited by the possibilities that exist in a digital world. How much different would my own learning have been, had I had the opportunity to learn with images, videos and the chance to interact with people from all walks of life! I hope something like this comes to my neck of the woods.

  5. Beth Weeks said:

    What a GREAT day! It was so good to meet new friends! I took home so many new tools to use and a few old ones that I had forgotten about!
    Thank you Justin and Discovery for making such a great start to our TCEA event!

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