Tricks of the Trade

apple If you want some good professional development materials and ideas, just visit the Professional Development Center of this site. I use these materials often to train teachers in my district. It is a good idea to point new teachers to this section when they are starting with DE services, especially the “Best Practices” section. There are examples of using closed captioned shows, differentiating activities and more. Showing this to experienced teachers is not a bad idea either, as they can always use a new tip now and then.

Don’t forget the online training videos that can walk someone through the process of using these materials, as well as those mentioned above. If you are a STAR DE, they you are very familiar with these services, but newbies are not.  Tips like embedding video into presentations and web-quests are detailed here as well.

Plan ahead with the Thematic Focus Archive. Look to see what is upcoming, or peer back and see which units can compliment your curriculum.

If you have been part of the Discovery DEN then many of this tips are like an old hat to you, but sometimes we need to revisit those old hat to see if they compliment a new outfit!


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