On Monday the DEN hosted a great TCEA pre-conference event attended by over 160 educators from across Texas.  For one of the sessions we focused on free tools that can be used to help promote STEM across the curriculum.  Including:

  • Google Sketchup to work with basic shapes, construction, architectural designs, and measurement.
  • Photostory 3 for students to teach math concepts.  For example: Have students take pictures of the step by step process for a math skill like long division.  Put the pictures in order within Photostory 3 and then have the student explain the process for each step.  Not only can it be used for future classes, but you know the students that created the project know the process.
  • Glogster for students to explain a scientific concept through visual and textual information, share what they have learned about a specific animal or biome,  or share the results of experiment they have conducted using the scientific method.
  • MovieMaker or iMovie to have student create videos about math concepts, explorations into architecture, and scientific principals using movies from DE streaming.

For more great STEM resources or to sign up for the STEM Academy check out the STEM Academy website.



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  1. Bridget Kaufhold said:

    I really enjoyed these ideas for science, especially for an elementary classroom setting. I love the idea of Glogster and posting, but we are blocked from it. Any other sites that might be useful for the same reasons?

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