3-D: Not Just for the Movies Anymore

At the end of 2009, eSchool News published a special report: Learning in 3-D. For decades, it has been used in movies and at theme parks. For years colleges and universities have used 3-D for some of their most advanced research projects. According to this special report, we are on the cusp of seeing 3-D become mainstream.

There are several districts, schools, and teachers already using 3-D  in the classroom. We want to hear from you. Please share in the comments a couple of sentences about how you think we can or will use 3-D in the classroom.

Thanks in advance for sharing with the rest of our community 🙂


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  1. Beth Poss said:

    Well, the most obvious thought to me would be for science classes, to show 3D images of the human body, etc. I am sure there would be other uses that would support learner engagement, such as 3D video for immersion in history. I could see its use in PE classes as well–imagine Wii type sports with 3D ball, etc!

  2. Cindy said:

    The 3-D world is approaching us rapidly. Is this part of the new web 3.0 world? I could not help but wonder if learning would require educators to teach in 3-D models as well? How do we teach our teachers to move into this technology when they are barely using the 2-D model? Curious…..

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