Daily Photos: A Collaboration

Photo by Helen LaidlawDecember of 2008 I was reading a post by Martha Thornburgh (STAR Washington) about starting her photo a day journey. That interested me because I like to take photos, but don’t really do anything with them. Martha inspired me to join her in this journey. I set up a Flickr account, posted some photos and joined the EDTech 365/2009 group. Little did I know I would learn so much about photography, light, angles, action, stills and more from a wonderful group of people. Upon further investigation I found that most of the folks are DEN STARS!! Imagine that. I found, Ken Shelton, Linda Nitsche, Nancy Sharoff, McTeach, Colemama, and many more folks that I know are DEN members from all over the country. This year there are many many more DEN stars staying with the challenge Meg Griffin, Stacy Kasse and more. Taking photos at a DEN event is really fun because others get shots you missed and it is an easy way to share your photos of the event such as NECC08, NECC09, DEN NYC.

In December of this year I thought about trying this again and jumped in. Now I don’t have a Nikon or a digital SLR, just a little point and shoot that I can keep in my purse and grab it quickly when there is a glorious shot right in front of me. Most of the time I don’t go looking. And this year the weather has provided much of the inspiration for snow photos. I even talked my 80 year old techie mother into joining the quest.

The point is, sharing can bring you much pleasure. Sharing the joy of your photo or sharing a lesson you found successful. Several friends from my school wanted to jump in to the photo a day process, but didn’t start in January. Don’t let that stop you either. Take your camera and shoot photos everywhere; in your classroom, school bulletin boards, your collections at home, your pet, a newly bloomed flower, or a great sunset from your deck. Go to Flickr.com, start an account and join the group EdTech 365/2010 or the photo a week group EdTech 52/2010. Not only will you have the joy of taking and posting your photos, but you have access to a new library of CC photos you can use in a presentation or web page and will have connected with people in a different social network!


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