It's a Wrap – Quest Atlantis


On Wednesday, February 10, we had the pleasure of having Sholi Oh (Sarah Rolle, Director of Technology, The Elisabeth Morrow School – RL) present on Quest Atlantis.

Looking for an alternative to Second Life that you can safely use with students?  Look no further!  Quest Atlantis is the location for you.

Sholi did a FABULOUS job in her overview of the Quest Atlantis project and how it is being used in her school.  She shared some machinimas created in Quest Atlantis which gave the audience a real feel for how that virtual world looks.

Knowclue Kidd was kind enough to host the presentation at her location, Project Theatre.

If you missed the presentation, check out Sarah’s resources here.

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  1. Rebekka Stasny said:

    Quest Atlantis looks great – maybe I’ll try it out with my students…does anyone have personal experience with Quest Atlantis that they can share?

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