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As the saying goes, “There’s a time and a place for everything.” In retrospect of the above, how do we know that we’re making sure we’re using technology at the right time and in the right place? Where are you in your own quest in using technology in the classroom? Are you hitting the mark when it comes to technology and putting it in at the right time and in the right place? The following article is a great start to help us to make sure that we will hit the mark.

5 Questions for Planning Successful Web-Based Activities

Posted by Amanda Kenuam on Wed, Feb 10, 2010 @ 09:35 AM


“If children are turned loose to surf, then Internet in the schools won’t be a minor educational improvement, but a major disaster.” -David Gelernter

Web-based instructional activities have an enormous potential to enhance and entice learning. Unfortunately integrating the internet into your curriculum in a way that has a positive impact on students’ learning is often a difficult process. Below are some questions to ask yourself to help you get started.

5 Questions for Planning Successful Web-Based Activities

1. What is the curriculum related purpose of the activity? The outcome or assessment should be aligned to your lesson objectives and standards.

2. Does the Internet enhance the activity? If the answer is no, find a more appropriate place to integrate the web.

3. How will students use the online resources? Once students locate information, they should be asked to apply, analyze, synthesize, evaluate, or create. The activity should require them to move to higher levels of Bloom’s Taxonomy.

4. Do students have necessary information analysis/information synthesis skills or am I including these in instruction? The project should not become simply an exercise in locating information. Students must have the necessary background knowledge and pre-requisite skills to complete higher level tasks or these must be included in instruction prior to the web-based learning activity.

5. Do I have the necessary time and support for the activity? Double your original time estimate and always have access to technical support to resolve problems efficiently.

What are some ways you have found to ensure that your web-based instructional activities have a positive impact on student learning?

Lists are based on those outlined in Integrating Educational Technology into Teaching by M. D. Roblyer.


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