Grow your local PLN

PLN, or Personal Learning Network, is such a valuable asset for any teacher. I know I depend on mine for new ideas, tools to utilize in the classroom, and for support in my new adventures. It has taken me a couple of years to grow a solid PLN and I love that it continues to grow every day, month, and year. Not that I am an expert in Social Networking, but I believe that a good PLN should combine connections from around the world and home. By having local connections you really understand the P in PLN and it makes your network that much stronger.


Now my local PLN bud, Gwyneth Jones, has started the MSET ning. If you have never joined a Ning before, you should start with this one. A ning is a social platform for people that share common interests. On a ning you can create connections, join groups, have discussions, and so much more.  Gwyneth got me hooked to the software Comic Life and has created a great little comic to show how easy it is to join the MSET ning. The Maryland Leadership Council is well represented on here and looks forward to new friend connections.

MSET Ning Instructions


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