WOW #7.5: Dropbox on Demand

Instead of moving on to WOW #12, I thought we’d revisit a previous web tool (WOW #7) because they have an exciting new feature: 

  • Review: What is DropBox?
    • DropBox is a free file organization/storage tool that works both on & offline.  That is, you can download the software for free to use on your computer so you can access your files anytime, from anywhere from other computers.  The installation creates a Dropbox folder on your computer — drop in a file and it “miraculously” appears on all of your shared computers. 

 ·       Update: Mobile Dropbox!

Have you ever wanted to access some files but didn’t have a computer nearby? Dropbox’s mobile website ( makes it happen. With Dropbox mobile, you can browse and open files in your Dropbox directly from your phone or mobile device’s browser! 

o        If you own an iPhone or iPod Touch, download the Dropbox App ( for an even better experience. It’s free!

 o        Have a Blackberry or Android?  Apps for that are coming soon. 

Happy Organizing 🙂


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