February DEN LC Insider

 February DEN LC Webinar

Lance Rougeux began the evening by congratulating Texas for winning the
the Siemens We Can Change the World Challenge, getting the highest number of participants for the challenge from the state.  They will get their own Day of Discovery in April.

What does 3-D look like in the classroom? T.H.E. Journal contacted the DEN and is looking for the ways our DEN educators are using 3-D in the classroom. Visit the national DEN blog and post something.

Lance introduced Courtney McGee, the Director of Digital Content for Discovery Education. Lance asked the group for a guess of how many resources you get when you do a blank search for content in DE Streaming.  His total was a whopping 184,216 resources!  Impressive!  Courtney continued by talking about her role as a Director of Digital Content for Discovery to include the following:

  • content development for DE
  • acquire and develop content for DE; Examples: Discovery Channel, Scholastic, Colman Communications
  • deliver content to all products and services
  • maintain content across all products and services
    o Over 11,000 videos, 79,000 clips, 13,000 interactive and more

She also announced the following content that will be coming soon (releasing end of Feb/early March) to the various areas of Discovery Education:
From Streaming
• Word Girl (Scholastic)
• Wild Pacific (Discovery Channel)
• Ocean’s Deadliest (Animal Planet)
Streaming Plus
• LIFE (Discovery Channel) Premiering day after air!
• Additional titles from PBS (American Experience, Frontline and Nova titles)
Discovery Education
• STEM Careers for Students (Grades 6-12; includes robotics technician, technical writer, computer forensics specialist, and more)
• Financial Litearcy for Students (For grades K-12; includes counting bills and coins, creating a budget, rewards and risks of credit, banking online)
• Connected! For Students (For grades 6-12; includes digital citizenship/etiquette, cyberbulling, sexting, cyber safety)

We are certainly looking forward to this new material.
Lance spoke about a DEN Blog Consolidation Strategy which would pull in state blogs, DEAN’s List, Science in Action, DEN Gurus, etc. to national blogs. He felt it would provide greater visibility for all LC’s and eliminate the need for cross posting.

Upcoming Dates
April 2- LC Election Process
April 24- Spring Virtual Conference
May 14- LC’s finalized
May 22- Geocaching Day
May 25- DENny Awards
June 26- ISTE Pre-Con
July 12-16 LC Symposium
July 19-23 National Institute


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