Win with Discovery Student Adventures

Sign-up to Lead a Discovery Student Adventure and hold your first Parent Meeting before March 1st and RECEIVE a $100.00 VISA Gift Card!  You have 16 destinations to choose from…two domestic destinations are available for Middle School Students!  WE are also excited to introduce Spring Break Travel for 2011!

Sign-up to travel to the destination of your choice by creating a teacher account at &/or contact Alix Lee @ 509-994-9410 or Jessica Dembo @ 630-750-9973 to inquire about details!


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  1. Jen Dorman said:

    Hi, Tracy. I think this post is experiencing some issues because it is prompting viewers to log into your email. If you copied this from a DEN or DE streaming newsletter, you might need to redo the links. Email me or Steve Dembo if you have any questions.

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