The MPG of Bees

DiscoveryEducation offers great video for the classroom, on-line, and accessible. But what about the Limitless supply of audio broadcasts (NPR for example) that you hear while driving, eating in some diner, or walking the dog where there’s no Download or Record button?

Just yesterday, when I was parking, NPR reported that even though the new diesel Volkswagen gets 175 mpg, a bee could go much further on a gallon of honey.

But I missed the end!

Now we’ll NEVER KNOW how much further, my Science class will never benefit from this example, and that narrator read so much better than I ever could.


We need to find the audio (we don’t even know the name), listen to it, and keep it; plus I’d like to add it to a SmartBoard unit on Energy.


To Find it:

Type all you remember into Google. Load the Search box with BEE MPG NPR, and go there. These guys archive everything.

Wow! There’s Bee Vs. Car: Who Gets More Miles Per Gallon, by Robert Krulwich.

Click Share and email yourself the link (BTW, there’s a transcript too!)


To Get it

Of course if we had the new iPad, we’d just hold it up, press record. But that’s next month. For now, open that link.


To Keep it!

Luckily NPR provides a little Download button that sends files to your computer.

And if you have iTunes you have lots of sharing options. You could:

  • Give it to friends and colleagues.
  • Drag and drop the file from iTunes into a SmartBoard Notebook for that Science lesson I’m making.
  • Put it on your student’s iPods.

Just for fun, I pasted the transcript from the NPR site into the audio file. (To do this, in iTunes select the audio file, click File> Get Info, click the Lyric tab and paste).

Now when sync happens, students can read while they listen on their iPods.


So, how many miles can a bee fly on a gallon of honey?

5 million! And thanks for waiting.

Once again, Nature wins in the efficiency department.

Now if I could just get it with 2 seats.


Hey, I see there’s another about Controlling Headphone Volume with Eye Rolling,

perfect for teenagers…but that’s a topic for another post.


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