FIZZ Man: Beyond the Textbook

Minutes away from Periods 3 & 4, almost like a science class double-period lab, but with the Fizz Man, Dr. Lodge McCammon, Specialist in Curriculum and Contemporary Media at The Friday Institute for Educational Innovation.

Lodge has developed a teaching and professional development process called FIZZ which encourages and models best practices in implementing user-generated video in the classroom to enhance standards-based lessons. Lodge, also a studio composer and musician, is guiding a fun, interactive, and collaborative exercise using standards-based songs about advanced curriculum for K-12 classrooms.

Lodge began with a Media Share video, Teaching on FIZZ. Under PETE&C – DEN Sessions, we began the session by taking a formative assessment. Then, we formed small groups and went to work on a four-part process that culminated in making a video, taking a summative assessment, and watching our video. This session was so much FUN! If you want to replicate this project (it would work great in a block schedule), you can find Lodge’s resources on his blog.


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  1. Carmella Doty said:

    I attended the FIZZ workshop and I can not stop thinking about it. I just keep thinking about how I want to take the wealth of information that I learned from the workshop. Lodge did such a great job!! Thank you this great experience.

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