Top 10 Web 2.0 Tools: Beyond the Textbook

Guest Blogger Jen Brinson

Web 2.0 – collaborative, interactive, create, communicate, read/write web, free-mium (site is free but you can pay for a site upgrade), web-based, plays well with others

1. Wallwisher: a new way to communicate
*don’t need to log in to create or participate
*capture how people enjoy conference sessions
*allinthefamily — animalkingdom

2. Edmodo: (Just like Twitter – had it been designed by educators)
*twitter for the classroom — send to groups, individuals,
*assignment updates, can chat with students – but students cannot chat with each other
*don’t need email addresses — students can sign up in your group
*can use in tandem with — roll into the edmodo as a chalkboard

3. ipadio
*very easy user-friendly way to integrarte cell phone technology in the classroom to create quiclk recording, podcasts
*mobile podcasting (for those who used to use gcast)
*access to a phone
*sign up — gives you a phone number and pin
*call, record, get – play or embed
*quick reflection at the end of class
*3 things they learned in class that day
*world language usage
*unlimited space — don’t treat that as a challenge!
*school newspaper
*field trips! (DC trip)

4. Wordle — word clouds
*meal log — PE/health — what you eat everyday and drop into wordle
*essays, stories, overuse of words,

*teacher and student accounts under teacher
*create class
*posts are all listed
*wordpress blogging engine — fully featured — scaled down a bit so kids can’t screw it up
*Teach can choose to approve the post before it is posted

7. voicethread

8. glogster

9. Poll Everywhere
*creators thought that bars would be the primary users — not education
*can download as a powerpoint — for results on each poll
*edits PowerPoint live

10. Prezi
*can be set up as reuse

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