Constructing a Powerful PLN ~ Meg Griffin

Meg Griffin, PA DEN Leadership Council President, began her session, Constructing a Powerful PLN, by asking us to take a short survey. Patti Duncan, PA LC Events Chair, ran a CoverItLive back channel for Meg.

Meg’s CoverItLive will live on this wiki

Given that you have a life, Meg began her presentation by asking the very real question of time. Since time is the enemy of busy people, how do busy people make the time to invest in creating a Professional Learning Network? For people beginning to develop a PLN, or who are at the edge ready to try to form one, Meg’s answers hit the mark well, I think, at least from my experience and that of my friends.

Here are Meg’s answers:

  1. Personalized for YOU!–your interests, your likes.
  2. Reciprocal learning–you and selected friends.
  3. Aggregation of information–everything in one place.
  4. Globalization–the world a click away in one account.One of the benefits of this session is that people new to PLNs were able to get a foothold by participating in the CiL in this session.

Pl Ns

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