Glogster Student Capacity to Change


When I logged on to this morning, there was a notification concerning the number of students individual teachers can register. Currently, the number is 200 but that number will change to 100 after February 28, 2010.  After you register, add all 200 students to your account. You do not have to put in individual student data – you can edit the student accounts later. If you do this now, your account will retain the 200 student capacity even after the February 28 change. Even if you currently have one of the old accounts, you will still need to register at for the educational version. Below, I have included the notification from Glogster. You might want to encourage all of your teachers to go ahead and register. 

 Dear Glogster EDUcator, FREE registration numbers are changing! After February 28, 2010 all new Basic Free teacher accounts will be limited to 100 student registrations. The new registration limits will not impact existing accounts created prior to the deadline. Register your FREE 200 student accounts NOW! If you know someone who might be interested in Glogster EDU, please tell them to register soon, before the student account number goes lower! The 200 student accounts will still be available in Glogster EDU Premium!


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