Scratch It! Sketch It! Create It! ~ Linda Nitsche


Linda Nitsche, STAR DEN, great presenter and friend, posted her resources on her wiki. Linda wants to give us a window into valuing creativity (Sir Ken Robinson) and passion (Chris Lehmann). How can we capture that fun of childhood, that passion for learning 21st Century Framework created a core for learning and creating effective learners. We want lifelong learners, thinkers, problem solvers, creators and innovators. We want them to know how to analyze, synthesize, rethink, and know that their solutions are better for the world. How can they collaborate and build off of multiple intelligences to create that better vision, tool, product, solution, invention.

Sowing the Seeds for a More Creative Society by Mitchel Resnick created scratch, at the MIT Labs, where their motto is Lifelong Kindergarten.

Linda’s presentation style always engages her audience; this sessions was a step by step interactive lesson in learning how to scratch, sketch, and create digitally.Michellle Krill graciously shared (during the session) the CoverItLive back channel she was running for Linda, so you can follow and participate in the conversation.

SketchUp is a Google tool that lets you create, modify, and share 3D models. It doesn’t have the same power scratch does, but it is still a great tool. A complex place with so much depth, Linda said her presentation would literally only scratch the surface. As you get better with the tool, you will use shortcuts instead of a mouse, but a mouse with a wheel lets you navigate around the environment easier. You can build these models in SketchUp Pro and then import them into GoogleEarth. There is also a Google SketchUp for Education that as teachers and ITs we might want to investigate.

YouTube has an entire SketchUp Video section where you can explore a variety of tutorital to help you get going with this great product.

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