Where we are heading….

I am not sure if you have noticed the theme lately, but “Go Green” is the new buzzword for the year 2010.  Some of you may have noticed it a few years ago, when the world was reminding you to turn your water off while you are brushing your teeth or to recycle your cans and bottles to be reused.  Some of you may have even noticed the new email way of sending important documents rather than printing and mailing.

The main question I want to ask you is where are you heading as an educator to make a difference in the world?  How have you Gone Green in your classroom? Do you recycle?  Do you print class sets of worksheets?  Do you use digital textbooks? Do you use clickers for testing?

There are so many ways to ‘Go Green’ and one great resource for this is the DEN resource library where you can find several lesson, websites, and other materials on recycling in your classrooms. Check out this valuable resource: http://school.discoveryeducation.com/schrockguide/sci-tech/scien.html

Another way is to follow the track of two of our Florida DEN LC members in their journey of going digital with the textbooks.  They have decided to stop using the paperback books and go totally digital with interactive textbooks online.  Watch for more exciting news from these two members.

Please share with us here some of the many ways you have recycled, saved trees, worked on the environment, or ‘Gone Green’ in your classroom.


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