21st Century Learning with the Techno Tigers

If you want to see a project-based classroom modeling authentic 21st century learning, then be sure to check out Jan Abernethy’s Techno Tigers. Jan shared many ways that her students are using technology across the curriculum. From creating wikis, to blogging, or Skyping other classrooms in PA, her students are collaborating and creating content that is authentic. Jan’s students create projects for Literature Circles each week through the use of Web 2.0 tools. They may also complete paper/pencil projects which Jan takes pictures of and places on the blog as well.

The Techno Tigers spent a day researching and creating informative videos, comics and Blabberizes on the H1N1 scare. They worked collaboratively to discuss prevention and symptoms to add to a wikispace.  On a study of the 50 states, they created Glogster pages and provided information with audio, text and images on each glog. Most recently, they have begun geocaching activities with travel bugs.

Mrs. Abernethy’s students participated in the Siemans We Can Change the World Project this year. They meet for a weekly Stock Exchange and Challenge 24 club, and tackle such environmental problems in their area as Trash Mountain.

We were fortunate to meet a few of the Techno Tigers during a brief Skype call. Their enthusiasm as they discussed learning in Mrs. Abernethy’s classroom was contagious! It was evident that these students love to learn… and learning in this classroom is always fun!

21st Century Learning with the Techno T…

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