Mythbusters STEM Activity

Amber Muscarello and Anna Davila from Sartartia Middle School in Sugar Land, TX have developed a great project around the Mythbusters.  They will be presenting their project at the National Conference for the Teachers of Mathematics April 21-24 in San Diego, CA.  The project website is currently in the initial stages of development and should be complete by the end of March.  The website includes a lesson, a rubric, and instructions on how to run the project along with several student videos.  They invite the DEN community team to view what they have created and provide feedback if possible.  Check out their site The Mythbusters Project!  Don’t forget yo can find great episodes of the Mythbusters tied to state standards and formatted for easy classroom use by going to the Process Skills, which is part of the Teacher Center area, within Discovery Education Science.


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  1. Dennis Klaustermeyer said:

    Mythbusters is a great show and has wonderful educational ties and values. It’s great to see that teachers across the USA have taken the time to take the concepts and ideas that are presented on Mythbusters and break them down in to their educational components. This whole process helps in scientific reasoning and the scientific process that we all learned about in school starting with a hypothesis and ending with a conclusion. I hope more individuals take the time to come up with sites such as this one which can be shared in the educational society.

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