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Catching up with Meg Griffin is always a challenge. As our PA DEN Leadership Council President, she is one busy lady, yet she always finds time for the many things in her life that matter. That means I am catching up with blogging our DEN STARS who shined so brightly at our DEN PreCon and at PETE&C 2010. At the PreCon, Meg shared all the many ways you can use Discovery resources for Math. She graciously shared her PowerPoint via Slideshare.

Math Matters

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One of her two PETE&C presentations, Constructing a Powerful Professional Learning Network, was posted before I had Meg’s Slideshare. I’ll add it to this post as well as the earlier post.

Pl Ns

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Meg’s second PETE&C presentation, Internet Safety for Elementary Students, unfortunately I missed, but Meg shared her slides.

Internet Safety

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