Nancy Sharoff ~ Definitely DEN GURU

When it comes to leading many lives, Nancy Sharoff has most of us beaten. A multitasker and multitalented STAR turned GURU in real life, Nancy has another persona in Second Life. She is an active member of the Leadership Council. It is not difficult to see why Discovery awarded Guru status to Nancy (one of five in the nation); she is a dynamo in both worlds, actively leading, learning, and presenting in both. One of the founders of the Second Life in DEN, Nancy’s work continues to push the borders of what can be done in virtual worlds. If you have not yet visited the Second Life blog, I heartily recommend you do.

Nancy’s Visual Literacy presentation, Do You See What I See? resources are currently housed on Wikisspaces, but she is slowly migrating her work to Google Sites but admits that it is currently a little empty. Things take time.

Nancy’s Cyberbullying resources can be found here.

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