Student 2.0: What, How and Why?

As anyone who attended PETE&C 2010 can attest, there were many memorable Web 2.0 presentations. Perhaps the most energetic was Brandon Lutz’s 60 in 60, a presentation for which he has become legend. Lutz attempts the impossible: 60 tools in 60 minutes. Student 2.0, like any of the 237 presentations accepted out of a field of 4000+ proposals, had a different twist. Students presented. Meagan Walsh, a senior at Salisbury High School, and Sean Zimmerman, a junior at the same high school, presented with STARs Jennifer Brinson and RJ Stangherlin. I must, in all fairness, applaud the efforts of my colleague and friend, Brinson. She was lead on this project all the way, from conception, design, and working with our students. But it was our students who shined and delighted our small audience. Although our PLNs create a powerful learning network, and conferences like EduCon 2.2, PETE&C. SciCon, and other Discovery ventures create powerful learning opportunities, my colleague and I would love to see more students involved in presentations at the state and national levela.

The presentation concept was what students like to use in the classroom, why they like it, and how they integrate it. Nothing beats listening to students explain learning, and as far as I could see, their stars were shining very bright in the last session of the conference. Hopefully, in the future, PETE&C will become more expansive in welcoming students as in-person presenters, instead of just Skyping in to a conference in session. Student Showcase is fine, but this year’s group of students were very young, and PETE&C perhaps should attempt to capture that older student population by allowing them to appear on the program listing as part of the real deal.

To see the Prezi for this session, click here.


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