It’s That Time of Year!

No, I’m not talking about kite flying or basketball playoffs. Although I have to admit these activities may cause less stress than the topic we’re tackling this month: State-wide Testing.  Actually, the plan is to provide some tips for tackling test anxiety/stress. We hope some of these ideas will help you help your students feel more comfortable during your state’s accountability test. Perhaps some of the ideas might help your students with classroom tests too!

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It’s natural for students to experience anxiety before a test, especially in places where high stakes have been attached to the results. In high school, my principal offered students with straight A’s the opportunity to leave campus for lunch each day. There were no higher stakes for me as a senior. I remember being one point away from an A going into a final exam in Spanish III. I HAD to make an A on that test to be able to leave for lunch. It’s been more than 20 years, but I have not forgotten the anxiety. I also haven’t forgotten the main thing I did to get through it. I hope you’ll share this tip with your students.

Tackling Test Stress Tip 1:

Replace worry and negative thinking with positive and relaxing thoughts: “I can do this.”



  1. Nancy Sharoff said:

    Pass out gum prior to an assessment (especially all those upcoming state assessments). Research has shown that chewing gum relaxes students and actually helps to raise test scores! Don’t believe me? Google it! 🙂

  2. Tara Kramer said:

    Also make sure you students are hydrated with plenty of water. Dehydration slows the thought process. Allow them to have a bottle of water and start several days before.

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