Virtual Conference with Philippe Cousteau

This morning we were able to experience the Seattle Aquarium with Philippe Cousteau. Many schools around Texas participated and had an amazing time. Williams Elementary even won a chance to have Philippe come to there school for a Day of Discovery with him. Isn’t that waonderful! If you missed it, you definitely missed a huge learning opportunity that was shared with at least 45,000 students at last count… although I am certain that number will go up.

Philippe took us on a tour of the aquarium. We were able to see sea anemone, a coral reef, different types of fish and jelly fish and more. We got to see the back rooms of the aquarium where the scientists maintain the water levels and all of the balance of chemicals etc. We also were able to see a diver go into the aquarium and feed the fish. In all I think it was an awesome learning experience for our children and I hope Discovery will do it again!

 Here is a link to a CoverIt Live Session that was going on during the event so you can read some of the information that was being talked about.


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